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Customer Testimonials

Love Our MBS System

"We love our Monkey Bar Storage system! It is amazing how much space we have now that our stuff is organized. "

Tom & Catherine L. -

Versatile Storage Solution

"You offered: an organized, easy to use, versatile storage solution that turned our “what seemed to be” over stuffed..."

Jeff & Morgan M -

Gained Much More Space

"We are amazed at the amount of space we have gained with our new garage storage system! "

Paul D. -

Affordable and Strong Garage Shelving

Our Monkey Bar garage shelving in Fort Wayne will allow you to store all your belongings off the ground and in a protected area.

Product Features:

  • Holds Up To 1,000 lbs: Every four feet of our garage shelving can hold a half-ton, leaving you with almost limitless storage.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Our shelves will keep your belongings safe for as long as you need with our warranty.
  • Overhead Racks: Our garage shelving in Fort Wayne is the core for our overhead racks where you can hang many heavy and large items like bikes and gardening tools.

Our Monkey Bar garage shelving in Fort Wayne will help solve most of the problems you now experience with garage storage.  Our garage shelving can lift more, last longer, and store more than any of the competition.

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Make more room in your garage? You may even be able to start parking in the family vehicle where it belongs with our help. Give us a call today and we’ll put you on the path to storage success.

Garage Yard Tool Rack And garage shelving Lafayette

Garage Shelving Lafayette

Monkey Bars Accessories

Custom storage with Monkey Bars garage shelving can help you with any of your storage needs with a variety of options.

24-inch Garage Shelving:  Our 24-inch wide shelves are held six feet above the floor and can hold up to 1,000 pounds every four feet.

Wall Mounted Shelves: If you have space above your windows or doors. we recommend using wall-mounted shelves. They are installed above windows and doors, providing you with a way to make use of the extra wall space in your garage.

Shelving Extensions: These shelves are used in combination with other shelving to increase the length and storage options of your garage shelving.

Get your garage organized with our simple and efficient system! We offer the best garage shelving Fort Wayne has to offer. Contact Monkey Bars to Request a Free Quote today!


Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Monkey Bars Garage Systems was the solution for multiple projects on the popular TV Shows, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and HGTV’s Property Brothers. Find out how you can get your Extreme Garage Makeover today.

Extreme Home Makeover:

  • Pocatello, ID
  • Moorhead, MN
  • Wichita, KS

Your Garage Organizing Needs

Monkey Bars garage shelving will help you organize your storage to make your garage spacious, organized, and beautiful.  We offer top of the line products that can hold up to half a ton in your garage and help you get the room you’ve always wanted.

Do you have to park outside of your garage due to the amount of stuff on the floor? Are you tired of having to dig through boxes and piles to find items that you need?

At Monkey Bar Storage we specialize in custom made garage storage systems.  Contact your Local Monkey Bars representative today to get the garage of your dreams!

Monkey Bars Highlighted Benefits

Efficient: Our storage can hold up to three times the amount of other garage shelving and storage systems, allowing you the space you need.

Versatile: Our garage shelving and storage system uses a variety of hooks to help hang and store any tool or toy you need to keep safe and off the floor, from bikes to yard tools.

Strong: Our all-steel components are guaranteed with a lifetime warranty.  We intend to bring you the best product available

Affordable: Our systems run at one third of the cost of similar garage storage systems.  Store 1,000 pounds without hurting your wallet.

Garage Shelving Fort Wayne
16″ deep garage shelving

  • 6 adjustable Monkey Bar positions
Garage Shelving Fort Wayne
24″ deep garage shelving

  • 10 adjustable Monkey Bar positions
Garage Shelving Fort Wayne
12″ drop down shelving

  • Choose 1 to 5 tiers
  • Shelves 12” deep x 40” long

Garage Shelving Fort Wayne
24″ garage inverted shelving

  • Goes over windows & doors
Garage Shelving Fort Wayne
Garage Work Bench

  • Custom to your height
  • Hang tools underneath on Monkey Bar
Garage Shelving Fort Wayne
Garage Sitting Bench

  • Custom to your height

Garage Shelving Fort Wayne
Monkey Bars

  • Snaps in and out
  • 2 sizes for convenience 35” & 51”
Garage Shelving Fort Wayne
Monkey Bars Hooks

  • Hang almost anything off the ground
  • Snap on any of 10 hooks & slide
Garage Shelving Fort Wayne
Sports Bag

  • Large & small sizes
  • Kids love to use ball bag!

Garage Shelving Fort Wayne
Bucket Rack

  • Hold 1 to 9 buckets
Garage Shelving Fort Wayne
Saddle Rack

  • Hold 1 to 9 saddles
Garage Shelving Fort Wayne
Kayak Rack

  • Hold 1 to 2 kayaks/canoes at a time

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