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Customer Testimonials

Love Our MBS System

"We love our Monkey Bar Storage system! It is amazing how much space we have now that our stuff is organized. "

Tom & Catherine L. -

Versatile Storage Solution

"You offered: an organized, easy to use, versatile storage solution that turned our “what seemed to be” over stuffed..."

Jeff & Morgan M -

Gained Much More Space

"We are amazed at the amount of space we have gained with our new garage storage system! "

Paul D. -

Durable Garage Flooring in Fort Wayne

At Monkey Bars we know that what your garage rests on is just as important as the garage itself.  Our garage flooring in Fort Wayne will protect your floor and keep your garage looking great!

  • Garage Floor Coatings: The flooring provides a waterproof and stain proof surface. Say goodbye to cracks, seams, and gaps in your floor. Epoxy floor coatings are perfect for every room of the house.
  • Garage Floor Tiles : These tiles are the a safe solutions for every area of your home. Use them to make wet areas, slip resistant.

We offer the best garage flooring Fort Wayne has to offer! Our flooring will help you to keep stains, dust, and messes at bay. For a more in-depth look at our process, click here.

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Garage Flooring Fort Wayne

Quality Garage Flooring

Our installation process is quick and easy, and involves improving your floor first before we lay anything down.  Wabash Valley families agree our garage flooring is the best.

Professional Installation: Our professionals install flooring quickly and efficiently. Installation usually takes less than 24 hours.

Many Different Colors And Finishes: We provide you with a full range of different colors, textures, and finishes to choose from, ensuring that your floor flooring matches your style.

Clean Floor: With epoxy and tile flooring, you no longer have to worry about ugly and discolored flooring. Our epoxy flooring is seamless and easily to clean and our tile flooring allows for dirty to fall between the tracks, always allowing for a clean appearance.

Safe Chemicals: We use only low VOC, Non-toxic chemicals that do not produce harmful vapors. You can enjoy the safest garage flooring Fort Wayne has to offer today.


Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Monkey Bars Garage Systems was the solution for multiple projects on the popular TV Shows, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and HGTV’s Property Brothers.

Find out how you can get your Extreme Garage Makeover today.

Extreme Home Makeover:

  • Pocatello, ID
  • Moorhead, MN
  • Wichita, KS

Garage Flooring Highlighted Benefits

Professional Look: Our protective flooring brings professional style into your garage.

Easy To Maintain: When all of your items have their own place and everything is organized, maintaining organization is so much easier.

Limited Warranty: Our five-year limited warranty is available with Monkey Bar flooring.

No More Oil Stains: With a sealed floor any oil leaks are easily cleaned up with a rag and some cleaner and no stains are left on the floor!

Quality Materials: Monkey Bar garage flooring in Fort Wayne uses quality materials to give you a professional look that lasts.

Many Uses: Our flooring works well, not only on garage floors but on patios, basements, warehouses, and many more surfaces.

Contact us to get the best garage flooring Fort Wayne and Northern Indiana have to offer!

Textured Garage Flooring Options

Garage Flooring Wabash Valley Saddle Tan
Saddle Tan
Garage Flooring Cafe Mocha
Cafe Mocha
Garage Flooring Santana

Garage Flooring Grey Marble
Grey Marble
Garage Flooring White Granite
White Granite

Garage Flooring Tile Options

Diamondtrax Garage Flooring Tiles
Cointrax Garage Flooring Tiles
Ribtrax Garage Flooring Tiles

Sportrax Garage Flooring Tiles
Floortrax Garage Flooring Tiles
Garage Flooring Tiles
Multiple Options

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