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"We love our Monkey Bar Storage system! It is amazing how much space we have now that our stuff is organized. "

"You offered: an organized, easy to use, versatile storage solution that turned our “what seemed..."

"We are amazed at the amount of space we have gained with our new garage storage system! "

A Message from Garage Storage and Organization

Do you have a garage that is overflowing with items? Has your premium parking spot been taken over with boxes and piles? If this sounds like you, Monkey Bars Wabash Valley has the perfect solution. Our job is to create a customized garage storage system that fits your garage storage needs and wants. With multiple products such as unique shelving, durable cabinets, overhead storage, stylish flooring, and multiple accessories we have everything you will need to create your dream work space.

Our Story

Being involved in the lumber business for over 100 years, Monkey Bars Wabash Valley decided that bringing Monkey Bar Storage into their business would be a benefit for their customers. Monkey Bar Storage creates customized garage storage solutions and organizes garages to be more efficient for the homeowner. After five years of being a Monkey Bars dealer, Jay Ferguson believed that launching his lumber business with Monkey Bars would be a great idea and it has proved to be just that!

Why Choose Us?

Other garage storage systems are over priced and unable to adjust and change with you when your storage needs change. With Monkey Bar Storage products, you are able to store double the amount of items in the same amount of space as a different garage storage system.

We send professionals out to your home to do all of the dirty work. With trained professionals, you won’t have to worry about installing a product wrong. We also provide free professional organization after your garage system is installed!

If you are looking for the Best Garage Storage Solutions in Fort Wayne, IN and the surrounding areas, look no further.

What We offer

We offer a durable, steel constructed garage storage system that is able to double the amount of storage space in your garage. We do this by getting all of your items off the floor and by providing shelving that has the ability to layer.

Our system is able to be installed on multiple different surfaces, from brick or concrete, to steel studs. We guarantee that our system will create an efficient storage system for your garage!

by on May 29, 2012